Lurching into a Constitutional Crisis

It seems clear that with the Boehner lawsuit and 13th unanimous Supreme Court defeat for the Obama administration that our tyrant has finally hit the limits of the power that the other coequal branches are willing to cede him.  He insists that these matters are a joke, calling the lawsuit a “stunt”( 

Obama seems determined to continue down this path, banking on the ignorance of the American people of the proper role of the executive and the purposeful design of gridlock-

Available polling suggests that Americans support the concept of a president acting unilaterally to achieve policy ends that can’t be accomplished legislatively because of gridlock.

-and so it seems that the lack of quality history education, so vigorously pursued by the progressive education establishment, is paying of in this instance.

But what happens if the lawsuit succeeds?  What if Congress rediscovers the power of the purse?  Or if Obama decides to overrule an S.C. decision?  How does this play out.  We stand at the precipice.  Any further and there is no option for recovering our birthright and our Constitution other than that reserved to us by the Declaration of Independence: 

When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.


The tyrant must be resisted.  The republic must be restored.  It is not yet too late.


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You, Harry Reid, Are Terrible – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – 08/01/12 – Video Clip | Comedy Central

August 4, 2012 Leave a comment

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Wednesday August 1, 2012

via You, Harry Reid, Are Terrible – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – 08/01/12 – Video Clip | Comedy Central.

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About Romney’s Tax Returns

August 4, 2012 1 comment

So, as we’ve all heard ad-nauseum, Mitt Romney has some unreleased tax returns.  The reptilian Harry Reid (D-8th Circle of Hell*) has taken to intimating that Romney paid no taxes (don’t miss the social media backlash:!/search/%23HarryReidisaPederast)

The politics seem fairly simple, especially in light of “the Chicago Way” of politics.  Obama opponents seem to have a strange history of having “sealed” documents released

So Reid and company probably do know what is in Romney’s tax returns.  It’s probably something, much like the Bain disclosure, that is easy to distort in a soundbite, and requires a thoughtful, but legal and reasonable explanation.  They’re taking a slight gamble that Romney won’t want to distract from his message for the week or so that it would take to explain the returns. So this is win-win for Reid and Obama as long as Romney continues to play their game.  They can make up whatever they want now, a worst-case, like Romney paid nothing.  They distract from the economic news, and get the media focus off Obama’s disastrous record.  They know it’ll fool some, even though Romney can easily defend the rumor-mongering by attacking Reid, just as he has been.

The payoff, though, comes in late October.  I’d expect those returns to mysteriously become public in the days just before the election if things are close.  Late enough that there’s no time to explain them.  Late enough that the focus will be on the contents, rather than the scandal of how they became public.  That’s always been the Obama gameplan, and there’s no embarrassing personal past of Romney’s to capitalize on.

So I hope Romney just bites the bullet and releases the taxes.  Take the time now to explain them.  Most of the people that will take the time to vote and aren’t Obama-zombies will listen.  There will still be 3 full months to focus on the disastrous Obama record.  Kill their October surprise now.

About that Picture Meme

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This has been making the rounds:

Of course, there are huge numbers of shelters, food pantries, and health and social services provided, operated, and staffed by Christians.  Many more than are being run by those “oh-so-concerned-about-the-poor” leftists.  I’m sure the smug bastards circulating this meme spend little time actually, you know, “doing” anything to actually help the less fortunate, other than voting to use other people’s money to help them.  And then you have the president and his minions in Health and Human Services actively trying to drive Christian charitable organizations out of business with their anti-religious freedom mandate.

But to address whatever point this picture does make, I respond by pointing to Centesimus Annus, an encyclical written by Pope John Paul II.  He addresses the concept of subsidiarity, the duty of governments to not provide services that the people themselves can.  When government takes over that which private individuals can do it harms charity.  Why do it if the government will just take care of it anyway?

Of course, the progressives have long realized this as well, which is why government got into the business of charity to begin with.  Private charity increases fellowship, community, and individual bonds.  This is antithetical to the progressive goal of making all people dependent on and subservient to progressives and the government.  They are targeting charities with regulations and threats, trying to extort them to close.  So yea, maybe the drive and very ability of individuals to provide for others via their christian charity has been harmed by your progressive heroes.

Of course, we could just point to things like this or this and know what a crock this whole “moral” stand really is.

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Why Cato?

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Cato was the name I chose for a multitude of reasons.

Cato the Younger was a Roman senator in the last days of the Republic.  He warned his fellow Romans of the danger Caesar posed to the Republic and fought to save it.  He also despised the omnipresent corruption of the elites.

I also chose Cato because he has long served as a muse to Americans with republican (not Republican) principles, from Samuel Adams, also known as the American Cato, Cato’s Letters, actually written by Englishmen, but which served as inspiration for the American rebellion, and Joseph Addison’s play Cato, A Tragedy, which was a favorite of George Washington’s, and may have inspired many of the most famous quotes of the Revolutionary Era.

Like Cato, Adams, and the American Revolutionaries, I feel that we live in a very dangerous time.  Creeping tyranny is a very real threat, and our basic liberties are very much threatened.  Yelling at the television is no longer enough.  This lonely blog is little and not especially public, but at least I am no longer silent.

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