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About that Picture Meme

August 3, 2012 Leave a comment

This has been making the rounds:

Of course, there are huge numbers of shelters, food pantries, and health and social services provided, operated, and staffed by Christians.  Many more than are being run by those “oh-so-concerned-about-the-poor” leftists.  I’m sure the smug bastards circulating this meme spend little time actually, you know, “doing” anything to actually help the less fortunate, other than voting to use other people’s money to help them.  And then you have the president and his minions in Health and Human Services actively trying to drive Christian charitable organizations out of business with their anti-religious freedom mandate.

But to address whatever point this picture does make, I respond by pointing to Centesimus Annus, an encyclical written by Pope John Paul II.  He addresses the concept of subsidiarity, the duty of governments to not provide services that the people themselves can.  When government takes over that which private individuals can do it harms charity.  Why do it if the government will just take care of it anyway?

Of course, the progressives have long realized this as well, which is why government got into the business of charity to begin with.  Private charity increases fellowship, community, and individual bonds.  This is antithetical to the progressive goal of making all people dependent on and subservient to progressives and the government.  They are targeting charities with regulations and threats, trying to extort them to close.  So yea, maybe the drive and very ability of individuals to provide for others via their christian charity has been harmed by your progressive heroes.

Of course, we could just point to things like this or this and know what a crock this whole “moral” stand really is.

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